I can now smile again!

“I can now smile again!” Says Elizabeth Whitelaw.
“After consultation with Callum Graham for dental implants and bridges I decided to go ahead with what was recommended. I am so delighted with the result. Thank you Callum and the team at Queen’s Drive Dental Practice! I will definitely recommend my friends and family to this practice. I am so happy to have found the Practice on the web.”

I am delighted with my smile!

“I have been coming to Queen’s Drive Dental Practice for many years. This year the practice celebrates its 110th anniversary.
When the option for implants was recommended to me, the first thing that came to my mind was the thought of how painful it would be. To my surprise it was not!
I am delighted with my smile!”

Stephen Middleton’s review

Reaction of the staff to such a lovely review.

“Queen’s Drive Dental Practice has a very relaxed feel about it; friendly, professional and competent in all manner of dentistry. Making the patient feel confident and stress-free and at ease with the works to be carried out is paramount in their approach. This approach starts at the warm welcome at reception from Mary and her assistants.

On treatment completion the finish to the teeth is of a high standard and most importantly, procedures are pain free.

I leave the practice feeling happy and most grateful to Dr Mike Nisbet ably assisted by Nurse Ellie Hanzlikova.”

Stephen Middleton, BOTHWELL

Is having a private hygienist treatment worth it?
• Gum disease is caused by microorganisms in the mouth overgrowing and we all need help from the hygienist once in a while to remove the bits that have calcified.
• Hygienists specialise in cleaning teeth so they are best for the job.
• In our practice we allocate a minimum of 30 minutes for each hygienist visit; this means they are not pushed for time and are more likely to be able to remove all hard deposits.
• They give tailor-made advice to every patient because every mouth is different.
• In our practice we use an airflow machine to help remove all visible stains and make teeth look whiter.
• Our hygienists offer teeth-whitening service and the best time to have it done is just after a hygienist appointment.

How to keep your smile white naturally

Everybody’s teeth go through a cycle during their lifetime. Teeth are naturally bright in young people but with age they absorb staining and over the years and lose their whiteness. There are some tricks though that you can do to slow down the process.
1. Brush your teeth well to remove staining.
2. Visit a dental hygienist regularly: they have special training and the tools to remove stains you can’t.
3. Put milk in your tea and coffee, as this seems to reduce staining on the teeth.
4. Avoid or give your teeth a good brush after eating any colour rich foods and drinks. The list of them is too long but examples are: curries with turmeric, tomato sauce, berries, red wine, green tea, black coffee, black tea, cola, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar.
5. Smoking produces a lot of staining, quit if you are a smoker or better still don’t start at all.

Why have your Teeth-Whitening done at QD rather than at your hairdressers?

Our Dental team is highly trained and experienced in assessing your teeth – we are the best people to recommend the right treatment and products for you.
We have a team of hygienists who will scale your teeth and remove all your superficial staining prior to your whitening treatment to give the whitening agent the best chance to work.
Unlike your hairdresser, we are licensed by the General Dental Council to carry out this procedure and sell prescription-only whitening gels.
We will only use products that we believe are some of the best on the market for whitening results, causing the least inconvenience and sensitivity.
We have many years’ experience in successfully and safely carrying out teeth-whitening.
We are happy to advise and support you all the way.
Please contact us at http://www.glasgowdentist.co. uk/