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In contrast to implants, a fixed bridge is a restoration or prosthesis (replacement part) that is fixed in place by attaching to the natural adjacent teeth. The replacement tooth is called the abutment and the natural supporting teeth are called ‘abutments.’ The abutment teeth provide support on either side of the space, in the same way a bridge spanning a river is supported on either side.

In order for the abutment teeth to support the bridgework the enamel and a significant proportion of the crown of the tooth is removed. Crowns (caps) are placed over the abutment teeth and the false (pontic) tooth attached to form a joined 3 unit bridge.

Bridgework can be more than 3 units but the bigger the span the more pressure it puts on the supporting abutment teeth. This can increase the deterioration of the abutment teeth and reduce the lifespan of the bridgework.

Implants Bridgework
Good aesthetics, function, predictability and reliability Good aesthetics, function and predictability
Does not affect the adjacent teeth Requires the enamel of the adjacent teeth to be removed.
Does not decay Increased chance of decay in supporting (abutment) teeth.
Less chance of gum disease. Increased chance of gum disease as more difficult to clean.
Less long term affects on the remaining teeth. Root canal treatment may be required if the nerve of the tooth is affected.
Good longevity, can expect implant to last more than 20 years. Average lifespan of bridgework less than 10 years.
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