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Dentures have been available for many years and offer an inexpensive, quick and easy solution to replacing lost teeth.

Typically they are made of acrylic (plastic) or a combination of acrylic and metal (cobalt/chrome alloy).

They can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or the full dentition. To help retain the denture the acrylic usually extends into the palate, which may affect comfort, speech and taste.

Still the choice of many, there are advantages and disadvantages to this method of treatment.

Advantages Disadvantages
Relatively inexpensive compared to other treatments. Can be uncomfortable to wear
Shorter treatment time May affect taste and speech
Can give good aesthetics if there has been a lot of gum resorption. Can be unstable in the mouth.
May cause ulcers in the gums from rubbing Changes to the facial profice can happen over time. See diagram below

Diagrams of the facial changes caused by the loss of teeth and bone.

Dental Dentures

Dental Dentures

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