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Change in Legislation - Direct access to hygienist services without being referred by the dentist.

Medical surveys show links between heart disease and gum disease.

Did you know that the Hygienists are now offering tooth whitening?

Have sparkling bright teeth for that special occasion, why not try our 'Airflow Trial Offer' for only £10 extra.

We really encourage parents to bring their children to visit the Hygienist, it's informative and fun! Ask any member of staff for details.

An appointment with one of our specially trained dental hygienists will help you get that winning smile. Book an appointment and you could benefit from the following:
  • Whiter teeth
  • No more bleeding gums
  • Reduced gum recession
  • Stop sensitivity
  • Stop bad breath
  • Dietary advice
  • Removal of plaque between teeth
  • Tailored advice on oral products and treatments
  • Reduce dental bills - prevention, rather than cure

It is in the best interest of the patient to visit the hygienist to maintain their oral health for as long as possible.

Promoting Oral Health – Lessons to be learned.

Hygienist Services I have been a patient of this practice for nearly 30 years and have at all times been conscious of the high standard of treatment I have received.

Early on, during my time as a patient, my treatment involved fillings, crowns and two bridges. The result of this work was a stable mouth, and in keeping it stable I recognised the role played over the years by the various oral hygiene techniques learned from the hygienist.

Always remember: The dentist can repair your damaged teeth but what you, the patient, does EVERY DAY BETWEEN VISITS to the dentist is vital to the promotion of oral health.

The dental hygienist is not just an add-on to the dentist's work, she compliments it.

Final advice : If you wish to benefit in practical ways from your dentist's work, visit the hygienist on a regular basis.

- Mr. I. MacDonald

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