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Our Technology


We have one laser in the practice:

The Biolase Epic is a small soft tissue laser which can be used for procedures like tooth whitening, treatment of gum disease, contouring of gums, treatment of minor oral pain, treatment of cold sores or ulcers, mole or skin tag removal and root canal treatment.

The benefits of using a laser include:
  • Reduced healing times
  • Re-hydrating
  • No or very little scarring
  • Prevents post operative swelling or bleeding

CT Scanner

The CT scanner takes a 3 dimensional image of full or part of the jaw. This enables you to accurately assess or plan for implant placement giving us a "no surprise" approach to surgery. The scanner can be set to only scan the area of interest greatly reducing unnecessary radiation.

Within Queen's Drive Dental Practice we have our own on-site laboratory where you can meet the technicians before your treatment begins. This enables us to have greater control over quality and a quicker service. The dentists are involved in every stage of the process.